Two Way Street – One Albuquerque Publication 4 – Top 15 Local Events of 2018


Illustration: Qworks

Over the past year, Two Way Street has identified a wide variety of local events that have unique features and characteristics that we would like to highlight and learn from when planning our own neighborhood capacity-building events in 2019. We have ranked these events based upon the following criteria (which reflect Two Way Street’s values): read more

Two Way Street – One Albuquerque Publication 3 – Creating An Eye-Deal Local Economy


By Two Way Street’s Editorial Team

Two Way Street had the pleasure of meeting Jacqueline Andrews at the beginning of Brick Light Nights Season 2 when she was referred by our Board Member Liaison, Justin Gaudian.  Not only did Two Way Street’s team appreciate Andrews for all of her feedback on how Brick Light Nights Season 2 was operating, but we are happy to see her continued engagement with vending opportunities at ABQartwalk.  Overall, Andrews has helped Two Way Street expand its target population to include aspiring micro-entrepreneurs, along with Two Way Street’s original target population of low-income and homeless individuals. read more

Two Way Street – One Albuquerque Publication 3 – Community Advocates & Public Servants Bring Regional Creative Placemaking Summit to Albuquerque


Interview Conducted by Two Way Street Editorial Team

Over the past few months, local neighborhood leader Cristina Rogers, alongside Sherri Brueggemann, CABQ Public Art Urban Enhancement Division Manager and Michaela Shirley, Program Specialist at UNM’s Indigenous Design + Planning Institute, has been working closely with individual community organizers, artists, organizations, agencies, and ASU’s Herberger Institute for Design and Arts, to respond to a Request for Proposals (RFP) issued by the National Consortium for Creative Placemaking and ArtPlace America.  The goal of this RFP was to solicit proposals from across America to host 7 regional summits and a national summit in 2019. The Consortium’s vetting committee required for submitting municipalities to have 1) a robust and enthusiastic host committee, 2) a community that exemplifies the field of creative placemaking, and 3) a venue that can accommodate logistical requirements. read more

Two Way Street – One Albuquerque Publication 3 – Amplifying Our Streets


By Two Way Street Editorial Team

Per § 13-3-1-4(H) of the City of Albuquerque’s Code of Ordinances,  “solicitations by any individual or group engaging in a street performance as defined at §12-2-28(C) ROA 1994” are exempt from  § 13-3-1-3, requiring any person who wishes to conduct any business solicitation in any location to register their business with the City of Albuquerque and possess a valid solicitation permit of the appropriate type.   read more

Two Way Street – One Albuquerque Publication 2 – Albuquerque Downtown Public Safety District


Written by Nick Vottero

Interview Conducted by Nick Vottero and Kharlos Panterra

Photo: Two Way Street Editorial Team during Downtown Public Safety District press conference.

Two Way Street contributors Nick Vottero and Kharlos Panterra had an opportunity to sit down with the City of Albuquerque’s CAO, Sarita Nair, and Deputy Chief Roger Bañez to discuss the proposed Downtown Public Safety District (DPSD). Initially, our editors had some reservations about the need and design of the DPSD. There are few places in town that are as well policed as the downtown community; just visit the area on any weekend night, and you will see a substantial police presence in the area. read more

Two Way Street – One Albuquerque Publication 2 – Pop Up Food for Thought


by Two Way Street Editorial Team


Unlike arts & crafts, clothing, and first amendment vendors, mobile food vendors have extra steps that they have to take before bringing their products to the market in order to ensure they are complying with local regulations. This is often the case in other municipalities, some of which are actively trying to change their regulations in order to support micro-enterprises bringing specialty foods to the market. Some municipalities are also trying to incentivize mobile food vendors’ sale of healthier foods by waiving fees and relaxing procurement requirements. read more

Two Way Street – One Albuquerque Publication 2 – OT Circus: Where the Arts, Occupational Therapy, and a Sense of Home Come Together


Introduction by Two Way Street Editorial Team


One local organization that Two Way Street has been meaning to interview for a long time now is OT Circus – a quaint, accessible, and inviting art gallery/home of its founder, Victoria Van Dame, located on the northwest corner of 7th St. and Central Ave.  While Van Dame brings expertise in occupational therapy to the space, her business partner, Jennifer DeSantis, brings expertise in the arts, event planning, and event promotions to the space. Together, they make a dynamic duo that is not only supporting the economic and social health of their clients, but is also improving public safety in the Downtown area for residents, business owners, and visitors.  In preparation for ABQ Art Walk October 5, Two Way Street took some time to connect with Van Dame and DeSantis to hear their story… read more

Two Way Street – One Albuquerque Publication 1 – Report Back from 2018 INSP Summit in Glasgow, Scotland

Report Back from 2018 INSP Summit in Glasgow, Scotland

by Justin Gaudian

When I met Two Way Street Founder, Jeff Hertz at my first editorial meeting for the paper, I remember asking him about his inspiration to start a street paper in Albuquerque.  He told me he had written his Senior Thesis on the street paper movement for his major at UNM and shortly after, attended the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) summit in Seattle, Washington in 2015.  He said the conference left him feeling invigorated to bring the movement back to Albuquerque. I remember being inspired by the vision, mission, and goals he had outlined for Two Way Street – to unite the housed and unhoused in Albuquerque through grassroots, hyper-local journalism, while also providing micro-entrepreneurial opportunities for low- and moderate-income burquenos; but, I underestimated the size, scope, and efficiency of the global street paper movement spearheaded by the INSP. read more