Here are some neat local art resources for the Albuquerque community.

Poetic Routes

Two Way Street would like to thank Amaris Ketcham, Joe Cardillo, and Ilse Biel for all of their hard work in creating a new interactive map that identifies where poetry is located in our urban built environment and/or where it is being recited throughout the City of Albuquerque! This map includes a poem performed by Two Way Street vendor David M Ellis called “Local News Stand” (which was published in our first issue back in May).

Inspired by Seattle’s “Poetic Grid“.

Downtown Arts and Cultural District Asset Map

Albuquerque’s Downtown is home to a unique array of assets, including artists, designers, filmmakers, galleries, museums, theaters, musicians, music venues, city festivals, restaurants, food trucks / kitchens, breweries, coffee shops, and creative entrepreneurs living and working in both formal and informal spaces in a roughly 30 block radius.