Two Way Street – One Albuquerque Publication 1 – Report Back from 2018 INSP Summit in Glasgow, Scotland

Report Back from 2018 INSP Summit in Glasgow, Scotland

by Justin Gaudian

When I met Two Way Street Founder, Jeff Hertz at my first editorial meeting for the paper, I remember asking him about his inspiration to start a street paper in Albuquerque.  He told me he had written his Senior Thesis on the street paper movement for his major at UNM and shortly after, attended the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) summit in Seattle, Washington in 2015.  He said the conference left him feeling invigorated to bring the movement back to Albuquerque. I remember being inspired by the vision, mission, and goals he had outlined for Two Way Street – to unite the housed and unhoused in Albuquerque through grassroots, hyper-local journalism, while also providing micro-entrepreneurial opportunities for low- and moderate-income burquenos; but, I underestimated the size, scope, and efficiency of the global street paper movement spearheaded by the INSP. read more

Two Way Street – One Albuquerque Issue 1 – Brick Light Nights Vendor Survey Results & Policy Recommendations


by Two Way Street Editorial Team

Background: Over the past Wednesday for the past 3 months, Two Way Street and Mariposa Music have been coordinating the street vendor component of Brick Light Nights at the Brick Light District. This involves providing incoming applicants with a short survey inquiring about the applicants’ general background and interest in street vending. Questions posed were not chosen with the intention of “vetting” incoming applicants, but rather with the goal of gathering information surrounding the current barriers that aspiring micro-entrepreneurs experience in registering their businesses, purchasing solicitation permits, and scaling. Applicants were intentionally not informed about the exemption in Section 3-38-1 of New Mexico State Code that “part-time artists whose income from sales of his/her artwork in the prior taxable year did not exceed $1,000” are exempt from having to register their businesses with their respective municipalities. This was to test their legal and technical knowledge on the issue. read more

Two Way Street – One Albuquerque Publication 1 – Getting Everyone to the Table


Introduction by Two Way Street Editorial Team

“Tabling” is a common activity among small businesses, organizations, and agencies working in the for-profit, non-profit, and public sectors. Whether simply handing out printed informational materials, advocating for a particular cause, or selling a product, tabling is one of the most cost-effective ways to bring products and services to the market and also one of the most accessible to the community-at-large. read more

Two Way Street – One Albuquerque Publication – What’s the Haps in Downtown Burque?

by Leslie Shioshita

Join the Downtown ABQ MainStreet Weekly newsletter to be tuned into the latest ideas, events, and happenings in Downtown Albuquerque. Downtown MainStreet’s newsletter aims to showcase the economic, social, and creative vitality of the area by helping to promote businesses, projects, events, and programs. A revitalized and vibrant Downtown is a symbol of community economic health, the local quality of life, and civic pride. Every month the newsletter highlights The Downtown ABQ Art Walk founded by Enchanted Pop-up which from September to December 2018 will be in collaboration with Two Way Street, Mariposa Music, DowntownABQ MainStreet, Street Cypher, and local businesses as part of One Albuquerque: Engage. read more

Two Way Street – One Albuquerque Publication 1 – OffCenter Writing Group


Two Way Street has started receiving poetry produced by participants of OffCenter’s Writing Group and plans to publish content for the next four months. Two Way Street will also be collaborating with OffCenter by participating in the upcoming Folk Art Festival on Sunday, September 30. read more

Summer Series Issue 1 – Busking Provides a Low-Barrier Point of Entry for Musicians to Participate in the Entertainment Industry

Jeff Hertz

Regular Brick Light District patron and performer, Christian Orellana, is one of hundreds of local musicians who have leveraged their First Amendment Rights to perform in the public right-of-way and launch their musical careers.  Now, at the age of 46, Orellana has landed himself a leading role with the local latin fusion band, Concepto Tambor.  Two Way Street had the opportunity to sit down with Orellana before Concepto Tambor’s performance on June 6 to hear more about his journey and to ask how Brick Light Nights supports his profession. read more