Submit Content to Two Way Street

Are you a local freelancer or creative who is interested in submitting essays, poetry, photographs, art, and other types of content to be published in our street newspaper? If so, please review our Editorial Guidelines listed below to help you in the process of making your submission. We offer compensation for submissions based on the rates shown below.

Submit Your Content

To submit content, you may email our editor directly at [email protected]. Thank you.


Poetry $0.10 per word (Max of 250 words)
Short Stories $0.05 per word (Max of 500 words)
Art/Photograph $20 per image
Cover Art/Photograph $30 per image
Long Article (750 words or more) $40 per article
Medium Article (500 to 750 words) $30 per article
Short Article (Less than 500 words) $20 per article
Podcast Interview (45 minutes) $20 per session
Ad Placement $10 per ad (with the larger amount for larger sizes)

*These rates are based upon the assumption that journalistic content requires extra time to do outreach, conduct interviews, transcribe, etc.

**Articles longer than 500 words might not be fully published in the print publication because of limitations in space, but these articles will also be published online.

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