Written by Two Way Street. Produced in collaboration with Qworks.
It has been almost 2 years since I first caught wind of the street paper movement while studying City Planning at the University of New Mexico. After attending the 2015 International Network of Street Paper Summit in Seattle, I knew that Albuquerque’s original street paper launched in 1990 had to be revived.


  1. This is Great Jeff: Here are some of my new aphorisms for the homeless cause.
    1. Proper Behavior is necessary for good Governance.
    2. Beliefs must vanish when you learn facts.
    3. Devotion to Reason is better than mystical nonsense.
    4. People deserve life and Health. They also deserve longevity.
    5. WHen Philosophy and Reason are in a dearth, people start to go crazy. This should not happen under any circumstances.
    6. Personality changes with experience so that people can do well in Temporal Reality.
    7. Preservation is truly a sacred and HOly thing more than destruction.

  2. 1. Kindness is an Economic staple if you want to impress people with your efforts.
    2. The time is always at hand to make your best effort and be Civil to those you encounter.
    3. Service of customers is a Golden Virtue.


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