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How Does It Work?

With each purchase of a newspaper, 75₵ goes to the vendor, and 25₵ goes to the publication.


1.Before beginning work, vendors go through a low-barrier application, interview, and training process.


2. Vendors are not required to have an ID to apply and do not need to have a background check.


3. Vendors sign a code of conduct outlining  their vending procedures and rules.


4. Vendors purchase each copy of the paper for 25 cents and ask for $1+ in donations.


5. Vendors are self-employed – the operation holds the business license and pays taxes.


6. Under the First Amendment, vendors are not required to purchase the City’s solicitation permit.


Our Mission

Two Way Street is a community-based publication providing micro-entrepreneurial street vendor opportunities for Albuquerque’s low-income and homeless community. The first issue of Two Way Street was designed and produced based upon the findings of a qualitative research project that included 30+ interviews with local community leaders interested in exploring opportunities for developing a street paper publication in ABQ.


Salesmanship that brings vibrancy to the sidewalks, the public right-of-way, nearby business storefronts, and underutilized spaces of the built environment.

Community Vendors

Street Vending that cultivates community policing, improves public safety, and stimulates incremental economic development.


Placemaking that activates people and place to promote community health, happiness, and overall wellbeing.


Self-Empowerment that leverages human and civil rights to create systemic change.


Our Vendors &  Contributors

Meet the Whole Crew

Get Involved & Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about Two Way Street or would like to volunteer in the future, please email us at [email protected], or use the form below.