Two Way Street has started receiving poetry produced by participants of OffCenter’s Writing Group and plans to publish content for the next four months. Two Way Street will also be collaborating with OffCenter by participating in the upcoming Folk Art Festival on Sunday, September 30.

Milk Money
by Steve Goebel

I lurched to my van after a night of dancing. This disco music is going to change the world. As I got to the van I noticed a young couple with a small child sitting near the pier with a duffle bag and sleeping bag. I pretended to gaze across the beach but I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.
As I walked by they asked me for money. Sorry, did you say for the baby? Yes, please help. I didn’t know what to do. I had about fifty dollars on my person for the month. I had my apartment paid for the month. Food in my fridge and people in my life. I gave them milk money and we talked a little. They were from Nebraska and knew nothing about San Diego. My heart was sad. Let’s get you a room for a month and food.
Thank you, they said with eyes wide shut.

9 Months in Albuquerque
by Joseph Griego

Last nine months in Albuquerque a missing boy, two missing girls, a boy’s bones found, two persons beheaded, one person set on fire, one 20 years old. Beat in the head severely, till in the hospital critical condition. A house set on fire, a car set on fire and just one graffiti crew gallery at Express IMM.


Stay tuned for more OffCenter Writing Group poetry featured in Two Way Street’s upcoming October, November, and December 2018 publications.  


Follow Up Action: Two Way Street wants to explore other innovative opportunities for collaborating with OffCenter including doing a “live writing” session during ABQ Art Walk. OffCenter’s Writing Group used to produce a zine and are currently developing a limited edition art book for the Folk Art Festival themed “Fork in the Road.”  Two Way Street would be happy to collaborate with OffCenter in the production of this publication.

It has been almost 2 years since I first caught wind of the street paper movement while studying City Planning at the University of New Mexico. After attending the 2015 International Network of Street Paper Summit in Seattle, I knew that Albuquerque’s original street paper launched in 1990 had to be revived.


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