Everyone has things to

Contribute to Modern culture

Things they like to craft

And reasons to display

Finished products

For a reasonable price.

Vending is something that was

Done since the

Distant most days of


And still it’s going strong


Cities and towns.

People could be

Much worse off than to have

Something to sell

And there’s always a Golden opportunity

To secure a sale to someone

Profoundly interested in

What you have.

The exchange of goods is the

Backbone of any country’s


And to know exactly what sells

Is worth

More than a book of fiction.

Craftsmen come from lower backgrounds,


And it is unfortunate that they do not

Make enough on

Certain days.

The craftsmen and women with fine goods should

Always be respected by those who

Pass by their stands,

Even if a purchase is not

In order

At that

Or any other

Given time.



Malcolm Hall has been a street vendor and writer for Two Way Street since it first began back in May 2017.  Hall has been a key contributor to Two Way Street and a driving force in the organization's R&D efforts. 


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